Intelligent content classification at scale

The OneSync classification engine is the next generation of enterprise data management and an integral part of our platform. Its unique multi-tier scanning system discovers, analyzes, classifies and labels unstructured content at incredible speeds.

Our approach to classification

  • Files are interrogated and compared against custom or templated policies to detect sensitive and non-sensitive data
  • A combination of intelligent pattern matching, validations, and keyword proximity searches are used to achieve the highest level of match confidence
  • Pre-built regulatory templates are available, or custom policies can be built for organization-specific use cases, or chained together for more granular detection
  • Pattern classification is fully integrated—document type, PII classifier with predictive intelligence
  • Out-of-the-box, custom and MIP labels can be used based upon use cases

Our approach to labeling

  • Labels are applied to a file automatically or manually, based on the OneSync policies that were configured and triggered
  • Once classified, files can be organized and categorized in a hierarchical taxonomy based upon the contents
  • Complementary solutions can be used for tracking and preventing the data from misuse, such as Microsoft Information Protection or your Enterprise Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution
Document types supported

Analyze unstructured content with file parsing supporting over 4,000 different document types.

Documents per second

Integrate and analyze petabytes of information at an average of 10+ documents per second, and even higher in optimized environments.

Data analyzed per day

Perform core analysis—properties, size, age, author, sharing rights, etc.—at up to 150TB per day.