Gain unprecedented oversight & control of your data

For most organizations, attempting to address the challenge of ever-growing data has forced them to create a patchwork of siloed solutions, leading to a sprawl of information stored across multiple cloud systems, on-premises systems, business applications, email and user desktops.

The results have been abysmal and expensive—resulting in large IT investments, significant compliance fines, loss of intellectual property and erosion of public trust.

Manage & reduce real financial risk

OneSync enables organizations to discover, classify and orchestrate content at scale—providing complete oversight to all stakeholders without the need for user intervention.

OneSync manages all your files through a single pipeline of control. Our platform enables you to unify content from any storage system or business application. It accesses files, classifies and labels data—then, based upon customizable governance policies, executes actions to support an organization’s security and compliance mandates.

  • Enterprise-wide access and discovery to all connected content sources
  • Identify sensitive, valuable, redundant, obsolete, trivial and other content
  • Automated policy enforcement eliminates manual user engagement and errors
  • Continuous oversight and control of data business value and risk

Migrate files at incredible scale & fidelity

Perform high-fidelity migrations across virtually any cloud service, network file system, legacy ECM platform, or multi-location sites at incredible scale and volumes. Simulate migrations prior to execution or organize files automatically with OneSync advanced classification capabilities.

Oversight of enterprise content

Customizable dashboards provide in-depth oversight and control of all operations to risk, compliance and legal teams while configurable notification capabilities alert stakeholders in real-time.

Of unstructured data is never analyzed and sprawled across various systems
Of enterprise data is redundant, obsolete, or trivial (ROT)
The cost of having ROT data per year at large enterprises

of enterprise data is unstructured and growing year-over-year by 50%