Understand your enterprise file landscape

As unstructured content grows, companies have adopted numerous storage solutions, making system consolidation difficult and universal oversight nearly impossible.

While legacy approaches to managing content are constrained to a specific cloud service, on-premises storage system or business application, OneSync integrates and unifies all content sources.

Integrate with any system & unify content

OneSync’s out-of-the box connectors integrate with storage platforms and business applications at the deepest level for maximum file fidelity and speed. Our connector API enables custom-built integrations to virtually any platform.

As a central hub for data, all content is funneled through a single pipeline for consistent analysis, classification, control, and oversight.

Gain immediate insight

Analyze and discover content at various depths and detail depending upon your regulatory, scope and throughput requirements. OneSync identifies content by type, author, origin, size, sharing rights, age and other existing file attributes at up to 150TB per day. With OneSync’s classification engine, you can discover sensitive, high-risk, obsolete, duplicate, redundant and “dark” data.

Unparalleled throughput & scale

OneSync’s underlying transfer engine has been proven across hundreds of customers, managing billions of files with transfer speeds in excess of 60TB per day within highly optimized environments.